Vedo’s Advice on Metabolism…(Human)

Did you know something as simple as a glass of water can boost your metabolism?4 week diet review

4 week diet review

The theory is that the cold water you consume has to be raised so it is the same temperature as the rest of your body, so your body has to ‘work ‘ to do that.

.and work requires calories..

unless you’re an Egyptian…an4 week diet reviewd have some 4 week diet review

slaves you can use. Ha! just kidding.

Soame Chopra-one of Australia's best comedians

Laughter is pretty good for metabolism, too. There’s Soame Chopra.

Click here to check out the best newcastle comedian.

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I love giving advice on stuff. Especially music and guitar playing.

Have you heard of John Petrucci or Yngwie Malmsteen?

Quite amazing.

I think youtube has a copy of their work. Let me check….

Ipaid a fortune for this dvd a few years ago – and some psycho puts it up on youtube for free.